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Closeup of Dog Treats
Closeup of Dog Treats

A Second Chance

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Im asking for donations to help my mom provide me with the treatment and essentials to make my forever situation less stressful.

Closeup of Dog Treats

My Story

Welcome to my page,

I'll start by saying my name is Chispita, my newly adopted mom calls me "Chichi".

It will take a minute adjusting to but Im willing to give it a try. 

Delila my new mom rescued me from a bad situation. I was found at 2 months old in a dumpster by my previous parents, they save my life.

I guess in the being they just adored me because I was a cute little one.  As time went on and I started to get older I started to show signs of no leg mobility, apparently, I was paralyzed from my hips down. they started questioning their decision upon my rescue. Then I hit the one year and still could not stand up or walk.  They did not think anything of it. They kind of brushed it off. I forgot to mention my parents were pretty young as well so my rescue was more like an O'WOW kind of thing. Then a priority kind of thing.

Anyways now I'm 2 and I'm paralyzed from the hips down. Maybe when I was young they would have taken me to the Vet they would have found out why I was paralyzed,  but like I mentioned my prior parents were young. They barely could fend for themselves but were thoughtful enough to rescue me.

Now let's move on to my second chance. My prior parents realized after having a newborn and starting a family I was too much for them. They started neglecting me with no attention and hrs would go by before a diaper change or I was fed. Hey, sometimes they would even forget I even existed and lock me out back.OK back to my story,  They realized it was getting too expensive with diapers and all.  Because now they have two diaper bills one for the new baby and then me. Also, my weight is below the chart.  I was fed very little when food could be spared. Dog food was not an option unless it was payday Don't get me wrong I was fed I guess enough to keep me alive. So they decided it was time for me to go. they placed an ad on Facebook to rehome me.   " Dog To Rehome"

That's where my new mom comes in Delila. She apparently came across the ad and contact them, the ad was only up for 35min. Lucky me. A couple of others reached out but I guess no one sounded comfortable enough to my prior parents but Delila did. So they scheduled a meeting and could not make it because they were running around and it was getting late.

So here we go another scheduled for the following day, they kept changing the time, but Delila was patient and did not give up. Thank God. When I met Delila I growled and snapped at her,  I was scared, I forgot to mention I was always home and did not know much about humanity and did not know why I was getting placed in this lady's car. As they placed me I knew it would be the last time I would see my parents. Delila right away cuddled me in a blanket and gave me a treat. She even put music on. I think she thought I would like Latin music .lol

So here I am 17hrs later living with my new mom and siblings.

In this home with a big backyard and my very own doggie cave with my very own donut bed.

I'm still sad because my parents gave me up after 2yrs these were the only people I knew.

"Delila said don't be sad, they did what they felt was right for me and I should be grateful they rescued me, I could have been another animal's meal. But now I am another mom's happiness.

"Well since you put it that way I guess I can learn to love and trust you"

                                                                                                Lots of Dog Licks & Wuffs


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