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1/2 hr $300

1hour $400

1.5 Hrs $600

2Hours  $700

3Hours $900

4Hours $1200

1 Hr        $500
1.5 Hrs  $600
2 Hrs    $ 900
3 Hrs   $ 1500
4 Hrs   $1800

I Require 1/2 Donation'on more than 2hrs playdates

I Accept Cashapp,Vemo,Paypal,Zella,Applepay

If you cancel you will be responsible for the balance due on the session or the balance due after the deposit.

I thank you for your understanding.

PS. If you choose not to follow the cancellation policy, You will force me to WHITELIST you on all provider/hobbist boards.

Accommodation for more than 5 Hours add $200 per hour including overnights  

Lunch/Dinner Dates Only  $200 Hourly

  Couples are welcome to add $150 on top of the hourly gift

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