TheGameshow #2

Your wife calls your name to calm you down and says, "Let's think about this... it's just us here. We won't judge you if you do it, because it would be towards helping us all!"

You point towards the large camera that is resting on the cameraman's shoulders.

Your wife waves her hand towards the camera and says, "Don't worry about that. Would you really care what others think after having a million bucks in your pocket?"

The host chimes in as if he can't help it, "Great point... great point."

Your step-daughter looks at you and tries to make you feel better too, "It's okay Dad, I'm a grown woman. It won't bother me... if that's what you're worried about."

I'm worried about my anus! You think to yourself.

It does make you feel a little better though that your family is being supportive. It instilled you with determination. You don't want the asshole of a host to win, so you turn back to the host and nod your head.

"Amazing! Wow!" he shouts, "You really love your family!"

You exchange a small loving glance back to them before the host continues, "Go ahead and lay on the bed, and spread and bend your legs."

You start to regret instantly that you had agreed to this.

"Don't worry," the host continues, "I found some petroleum jelly right next to this thing. It'll help."

You go and sit at the bottom of the bed, and then lay back, all the while trying to keep your crotch covered. You decide to stare straight at the ceiling. You may hear your family members trying to offer words of encouragement, but you tune them out. As the host comes towards you, you spread your legs and bend your knees so that your heels are on the edge of the bed. You try to find humor in the moment by telling yourself that it must have been how women feel during a visit to a gynecologist.

The host comes over with the butt plug, and before you know it, there is a slight pressure at your anus. In a matter of seconds, it goes from being slight, to being a bit overwhelming. In fact, you begin to panic a little and almost blurt out, "stop!" as the pressure continues. Your face gets hot, and you grunt from being in a little bit of pain, and then the relief hits. It's in.

"There we go!" the host says excitedly, "Well done!"

As you go to relax your legs and try to sit up, you start to notice the movements of the vibrating butt plug. Plus, you find that it feels uncomfortable to move.

The host speaks again, "Why don't you just scooch back there fella?" He is gesturing towards the headboard.

It sounds better than trying to walk, so you comply by pulling yourself backwards on the bed until your back is against the headboard, with your legs straight out in front. You know that this would leave your dick exposed, but you don't care as much at this point.

"Feelin' okay there 'Dad'?" the host asks you with a grin.

As uncomfortable as it feels having your anus violated, the butt plug is constantly giving you a tickle from inside. It is slightly more pleasant than you think it would be. You give him a thumbs up, signifying that it doesn't bother you as much as perhaps the host would think it would.