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TheGameshow #2

Your wife calls your name to calm you down and says, "Let's think about this... it's just us here. We won't judge you if you do it, because it would be towards helping us all!"

You point towards the large camera that is resting on the cameraman's shoulders.

Your wife waves her hand towards the camera and says, "Don't worry about that. Would you really care what others think after having a million bucks in your pocket?"

The host chimes in as if he can't help it, "Great point... great point."

Your step-daughter looks at you and tries to make you feel better too, "It's okay Dad, I'm a grown woman. It won't bother me... if that's what you're worried about."

I'm worried about my anus! You think to yourself.

It does make you feel a little better though that your family is being supportive. It instilled you with determination. You don't want the asshole of a host to win, so you turn back to the host and nod your head.

"Amazing! Wow!" he shouts, "You really love your family!"

You exchange a small loving glance back to them before the host continues, "Go ahead and lay on the bed, and spread and bend your legs."

You start to regret instantly that you had agreed to this.

"Don't worry," the host continues, "I found some petroleum jelly right next to this thing. It'll help."

You go and sit at the bottom of the bed, and then lay back, all the while trying to keep your crotch covered. You decide to stare straight at the ceiling. You may hear your family members trying to offer words of encouragement, but you tune them out. As the host comes towards you, you spread your legs and bend your knees so that your heels are on the edge of the bed. You try to find humor in the moment by telling yourself that it must have been how women feel during a visit to a gynecologist.

The host comes over with the butt plug, and before you know it, there is a slight pressure at your anus. In a matter of seconds, it goes from being slight, to being a bit overwhelming. In fact, you begin to panic a little and almost blurt out, "stop!" as the pressure continues. Your face gets hot, and you grunt from being in a little bit of pain, and then the relief hits. It's in.

"There we go!" the host says excitedly, "Well done!"

As you go to relax your legs and try to sit up, you start to notice the movements of the vibrating butt plug. Plus, you find that it feels uncomfortable to move.

The host speaks again, "Why don't you just scooch back there fella?" He is gesturing towards the headboard.

It sounds better than trying to walk, so you comply by pulling yourself backwards on the bed until your back is against the headboard, with your legs straight out in front. You know that this would leave your dick exposed, but you don't care as much at this point.

"Feelin' okay there 'Dad'?" the host asks you with a grin.

As uncomfortable as it feels having your anus violated, the butt plug is constantly giving you a tickle from inside. It is slightly more pleasant than you think it would be. You give him a thumbs up, signifying that it doesn't bother you as much as perhaps the host would think it would.

"Nearly a third of the way I think!" the host says enthusiastically, "That's a lot of moolah! As we get closer to a million, the stakes get higher, but the challenges get harder!"

You see your wife and step-daughter grin and clap their hands in excitement.

"This next one will be for... wait for it..."the host says, "TWO...hundred thousand!"

Your family looks to you to gauge your excitement, and you try your best to pretend that you are fine with the way things are going.

The host walks over towards the black man and says, "My friend Rizzo here is starting to feel a little left out I think..."

Oh fuck... you say to yourself.

The host chuckles, "We can't have that though, right?"

The host winks towards your wife and step-daughter before asking rhetorically, "Right, ladies?"

"Umm.." your step-daughter says with a confused look.

"To earn the two-hundred grand," the host elaborates, "you both need to let Rizzo have his way with the both of you, for... we'll say at least 10 minutes?"

Have his way? What the fuck does that mean? That could be anything... you think to yourself.

Your step-daughter gasps and looks at your wife for an answer, "Mom? What?"

Your wife, meanwhile, just hides her face in her hands.

"To answer any doubts," the host says, "I will promise you all, that Rizzo will be gentle and no one will get hurt. It's in the waiver... Also, just to be nice, this will only be sexual contact between mouth, vagina, and penis. Sounds good?"

You begin to shake your head vigorously while grunting to get their attention.

Your wife instantly hops onto the bed to lean in towards you.

"Honey... What should we do?" she asks you, "It's a lot of money, but it would be like I'm cheating if we do this..."

You wish more than ever that you could say something, but decide that you shouldn't have to, because your wife could say no for you so you could still earn the 100 hundred thousand that is promised for remaining silent.

"I mean, you know I love you no matter what, right?" your wife says, "if you say no, it'll be fine. I don't want to do this if it means you would never look at me the same."

As you look your wife in the eyes, you remember back to how much you loved seeing her in the hallways during high school. You remember thinking to yourself back then, if only she is mine. Now, here she is, telling you that after a decade of being married, that she would be willing to give up a massive amount of money if it meant hurting your feelings.

You smile, grab the back of her head gingerly, and bring her in for a quick kiss. As you connect with her soft, warm lips, you can't help but feel a bit more turned on. The tickling from the butt plug must have been driving this urge, because your dick is still as flaccid as could be. You did consider that maybe letting your wife have a little fun now could allow you to gain some favor later.

"Think about the money. Love you, honey," she says, and then hops back off the bed.

Your step-daughter chimes in too, "And Dad. Again, don't worry... I don't want to make you feel more uncomfortable or anything, but like, I'm not a virgin, so..."

She holds both hands up as if weighing invisible objects in her hands. She is trying to make you feel better, but it isn't.

You bump the back of your head against the headboard on purpose.

"We're in agreement then?" the host asks, "Excellent! Then the ten minutes start now."

With Rizzo, your wife, and step-daughter all being towards one side of the bed, Rizzo walks over towards your wife and step-daughter with his dick swinging.

He smiles and makes a gentle wave at them both, coming to stop just short of the bed. Then, he points his finger at your step-daughter and waves it in a "come here" gesture.

Fuck this... you think to yourself.

Rizzo points to the spot next to his side, and your step-daughter uneasily goes to stand next to the naked man. After that, he motions for your wife to come and stand in front of him. From your view, your wife has her back to you, and you can't help but admire the curves of her ass through her stretchy yoga pants. With her being much shorter than Rizzo, you can still barely see his face over her head.

Rizzo then puts his hand behind her head just like you just did not long ago, and pulls her in for a kiss. Although you can't see the kiss in action, it is obvious to you that they were french kissing. There is all of sudden, a quiet that hadn't been there before, as the host retreated behind the cameraman to allow the camera to take the forefront. In this quietness, you can hear the smacking of your wife's lips against the mans. You try not to think about the fact that his tongue is probably violating her mouth.

Jesus, this is fucked up, you keep thinking.

You see the man's shoulder begin to move, and at first you can't tell what is going on in front of your wife, but then you were able to put the different movements of his shoulder and your wife's waist together to figure out that he had put his hand in her pants, or maybe her panties, and is probably rubbing her pussy with his fingers.

You see your step-daughter turn her head slightly and cough into her fist in a nervous fashion. You guess that it must be pretty awkward for her to be standing next to this strange, naked man's side and to be able to see your mother getting fingered in front of you. For a split-second, the thought pops into your head on whether she is just uncomfortable, or is pretending not to be aroused.

After what feels like a lifetime, Rizzo finally stops kissing your wife and returns to just standing in front of her. He smiles down at your wife, and you have to admit that he is a charming guy. He is good at what he does for a living, if it is porn.

Rizzo gently guides your wife to turn around and to face you now, or more or less, have her backside face him. He pulls up on the bottom of your wife's shirt, until her bra is showing and the shirt is up around her neck. She gets the point and raises her arms to help him take off the shirt. Next, the bra comes off. It never got old to you, seeing your wife's exposed breasts, but it did feel a little different this time. Your wife makes a half-attempt at covering her nipples with her hands before realizing it's pointless.

Next, Rizzo began to shimmy off her pants. For whatever reason, he wanted to do so slowly. Now, your wife is standing there in her normal, everyday underwear. It is the first time that you start to feel turned on enough for blood to begin entering your penis.

Next, he grabs your wife by the thighs and pulls her butt close against his penis. You know that his dick is probably being pressed in between her butt cheeks from outside of her panties. The man then grabs her panties and pulls up on them, as if about to give her a wedgie. You could see the sexy area being shown where her thighs end and her crotch began. Then suddenly, he rips her underwear in two from the sides, exposing her lightly hairy pussy. She gasps in surprise while instinctively moving her hands to cover up her exposed vagina, then Rizzo presses on her back with his hand in a motion to bend her over the bed. She complies and does so, holding herself up with her hands on the mattress.

You know what is coming next, and sure enough, Rizzo positions himself to penetrate your wife from behind. As he is guiding his penis with his hand, your wife looks up to make eye contact with you for the first time during the challenge. She silently mouths the word, "Sorry..."

Being a little surprised with yourself, you became even more turned on. It's not often that you get to see your wife bent over a bed from that angle. Her tits are hanging, and she looks gorgeous to you. It's almost like seeing a new and sexy side of her.

For at least another minute or two, Rizzo is steadily clapping your wife's ass cheeks against his pelvis, thrusting his penis into her as far as it could go. At the beginning, you wondered how much pain she is in during in