A slow clap emerged from the host as he re-emerges to stand in front of the camera. "That's it you guys! Well done! You passed the challenge!" he tells you all.

"What did you think of that performance 'Dad'?" he asks you mockingly. "Bah, it's okay. I know you can't find the words..."

You curve a side of your mouth upwords, because you wish more than anything to punch the man square in his jaw. The love for your family is the only thing holding you back.

The host cups one hand to his mouth as if telling you a secret, but out loud he says, "Well, I don't hear them complaining..."

You decide not to give him anymore satisfaction, and choose to sit there while trying to cover your penis again.

The host points a finger towards your crotch and says, "I'm a nice guy though, right? You can take that thing out now if you'd like."

Oh thank god! You think.

You don't waste any time. You turn over so that your ass is away from everyone, and then you slowly pull out the butt plug and toss it into an empty corner of the room.

In retrospect, you liked how the sensation felt, but hated how uncomfortable and humiliating it was to have it lodged in you.

"Are you guys ready for the next challenge?" the host asks the room.

There's no response at first because, well, nobody can respond.

You nod your head just so you can hear the offer.

"For another 200 thousand," the host explains, "you all have to play charades from this stack of cards!"

The host produces a small stack of flash cards.

"The only catch is that instead of acting, the other team will act out what's on the cards, and you have to get your teammate to guess the card. Sounds fun, right?"

You shake your head and nobody else replies.

"Don't worry, I'll help you guys along. Also, sweety?" the host says to your step-daughter, "Can you just go ahead and take that off?"

She points to her shirt, and the host nods. It's halfway off already, and she complies. You sneak a peek of her tits as they fall out of her bra. You are fairly certain she caught you looking so you try to play it off. She goes to cover up her boobs with her hands while crossing her legs to hide her vagina.

You throw your hands up and think, What the hell hon, he didn't even offer any money for that.

After heading back into the living room, the host divides the teams, which are you and your wife on one team, and Rizzo and your step-daughter on the other. He hands out one stack of cards to you and the other to your step-daughter.