"Ding, ding, ding! You got it. You guys won the challenge and the money!" The host tells everyone.

Your wife and step-daughter clap a few times, but then immediately go back to covering their boobs with each hand while crossing their arms. They have been crossing their legs whenever they could to hide their vagina.

The host looks at his smartwatch and starts tapping it. He says, "If I'm not mistaken, you have accumulated $701,705 dollars with that one. That's a lot! Plus, I think that you gave me an idea for our final challenge."

The host points at you and you almost lose the whole game by nearly cursing out loud.

"Being that it's the last challenge, it will be worth... whatever it would be to bring it to a million. I don't feel like doing the math right now, but you get the point!" the host says while laughing.

Hearing that it's the last challenge, your wife and step-daughter begin smiling and even laugh a little with the host.

"So," the host hunches down as if to build tension and asks quietly, "Are you guys ready to hear what the final challenge is?"

They answer for you.

"This one will be the hardest challenge yet, but it will guarantee that you win," the host explains, "So long as pops doesn't say a word, even if you lose this challenge, you would still get the 700,000 dollars. Sounds pretty good, right?"

Everyone nods.

Just spit it out already! You think to yourself.

"The last challenge involves everyone again," the host says, "in pairs like the last challenge. Except this time, the teams are swapped, so that the missus is with Rizzo, and that the daughter and father are teamed up."

Uh oh... you think.

"The final challenge will be like a fun little race!" the host says returning to his usual narrating voice. "The race is between pops and Rizzo, and it will be to see who will come first. The rules are that, if 'Dad' comes first, you win, and if Rizzo comes first, you guys lose this challenge only."

You don't enjoy having all of the weight of responsibility fall on you this time.

Your step-daughter asks what your next question would have been, "So what do the partners do?"

The host lets out a chuckle and replies, "Well, you have to make them come, silly!"

Your step-daughter and you lock eyes and a wave of dread washes over you.

As you look deeply into her eyes to gauge what she's thinking, you start to wonder if this challenge is even worth it. Afterall, even though she's not blood related, you have been there most of her life. Now, you are being coerced to imagine which sexual act with your step-daughter would be best to help you come faster.

"Uh... Dad? Are you okay with this?&quo