"Ding, ding, ding! You got it. You guys won the challenge and the money!" The host tells everyone.

Your wife and step-daughter clap a few times, but then immediately go back to covering their boobs with each hand while crossing their arms. They have been crossing their legs whenever they could to hide their vagina.

The host looks at his smartwatch and starts tapping it. He says, "If I'm not mistaken, you have accumulated $701,705 dollars with that one. That's a lot! Plus, I think that you gave me an idea for our final challenge."

The host points at you and you almost lose the whole game by nearly cursing out loud.

"Being that it's the last challenge, it will be worth... whatever it would be to bring it to a million. I don't feel like doing the math right now, but you get the point!" the host says while laughing.

Hearing that it's the last challenge, your wife and step-daughter begin smiling and even laugh a little with the host.

"So," the host hunches down as if to build tension and asks quietly, "Are you guys ready to hear what the final challenge is?"

They answer for you.

"This one will be the hardest challenge yet, but it will guarantee that you win," the host explains, "So long as pops doesn't say a word, even if you lose this challenge, you would still get the 700,000 dollars. Sounds pretty good, right?"

Everyone nods.

Just spit it out already! You think to yourself.

"The last challenge involves everyone again," the host says, "in pairs like the last challenge. Except this time, the teams are swapped, so that the missus is with Rizzo, and that the daughter and father are teamed up."

Uh oh... you think.

"The final challenge will be like a fun little race!" the host says returning to his usual narrating voice. "The race is between pops and Rizzo, and it will be to see who will come first. The rules are that, if 'Dad' comes first, you win, and if Rizzo comes first, you guys lose this challenge only."

You don't enjoy having all of the weight of responsibility fall on you this time.

Your step-daughter asks what your next question would have been, "So what do the partners do?"

The host lets out a chuckle and replies, "Well, you have to make them come, silly!"

Your step-daughter and you lock eyes and a wave of dread washes over you.

As you look deeply into her eyes to gauge what she's thinking, you start to wonder if this challenge is even worth it. Afterall, even though she's not blood related, you have been there most of her life. Now, you are being coerced to imagine which sexual act with your step-daughter would be best to help you come faster.

"Uh... Dad? Are you okay with this?" she asks you.

You both look down bashfully to the ground not knowing what to do or say next. Unfortunately, your cock, which is still rock hard, is too distracting for either of you not to notice. You feel guilty in a way that she's had to see her dad exposed to the point of no return.

You then point back to her as in wanting to throw the question back.

"Me? I think I'm okay with doing it," she answers with obvious unease. She tries to justify it for you both by explaining, "I mean... It's just like any normal, two consenting adults having sex, right?" She giggles anxiously while throwing up her hands. "Just a man and a woman..."

You agree with her point, but know it's not quite as simple as that. You just smile and nod.

"Shoot! I forgot an important part!" The host interrupts everyone's train of thought to say, "You and your partner can do whatever you'd like to help, but in order to win, you must also finish inside of your partner, one way or another."

This made things 100 times worse to everyone.

Your wife and step-daughter began voicing their concerns for obvious reasons.

The host pulled out something from his pocket and got them to quiet down so he could answer them. "I'm not a complete monster over here! First off, Rizzo has gotten fixed for his profession, and secondly, I still brought two packs of plan B pills, and the full dosage needed to keep everyone safe and sound during this competition."

You all exchange looks again to see if anyone objects. Evidently, what he said was enough to calm their concerns.

"Yeah. I guess that will work," your step-daughter says.

"Back to the bedroom then!" the host says.

As you re-enter the bedroom, you are reminded of what had happened here not long ago. It was rough having to watch your wife and step-daughter get broken in by a stranger for the show. You are just thankful that it's almost over now.

Your wife leans in to your ear and whispers, "Don't worry. I'm going to try and help us win as much as possible."

You return a lipped grin and nod, thinking to yourself that you don't think it will matter with Rizzo.

You and your step-daughter get on the bed and sit next to each other casually, while Rizzo stops your wife from getting on just yet.

He holds up his hand into the shape of a gun and winks at you while saying, "Don't worry. I'll give you a head start."

"That's nice of him. Well, let's not delay it any longer than!" the host says, "The race for one million starts.... Now!"

Your step-daughter suddenly gets into game mode and sits up at attention.

"Okay Dad, what do you want me to do?"

You wave your hands back in an attempt to tell her silently not to call you "Dad."

She just gets confused and says, "Don't want me to do anything yet?"

You ball your hands and curse silently to yourself, then wave to try and say 'nevermind.'

You glance over at the others to see Rizzo just watching while stroking his cock slowly. Your wife is also just staring at you with her arms crossed. You know that she is silently judging you, so you look away.

You close your eyes and start trying to think. For the entirety of this show, everytime your step-daughter was involved, you felt like you were overcome with a strange feeling. It was a mix of horror, humiliation, and envy. Envy... The word sticks in your brain.

That's it! You realize. You were jealous.

When she was being held upside down by a strong, capable man, and getting her pussy licked, you felt a small amount of jealousy that man could do that to her and get away with it. When she danced on his tongue to orgasm, you were jealous that he was the one who made her come so easily. When she grabbed Rizzo's dick during charades, you kind of wished it had been yours, and when she was bouncing her ass and grinding on him, you secretly wish it would have been you. Now, you are given the chance to be that guy. You feel a great deal of confidence all of a sudden and begin feeling like a man again.

You lay back so that your head is on a pillow and pat the side of the bed for your step-daughter to lay down next to you.

"Oh, lay down there?" she asks as she tries to interpret you.

She lays down, then with your arm underneath her, you pull her in close to you so that her body is pressed against yours. It's the first time you had ever felt her bare boobs being pressed against your skin. As she is laying against your side, she put her upper leg over your nearest leg for comfort. As a result, you could feel something warm and wet near your side, and it takes you a moment to realize that it's her pussy.

You pull her in even tighter, and move in for a kiss. She inhales sharply through her nose and looks at your lips and then back to your eyes as you approach. Then, you see her close her eyes and pucker her lips, so you go in to connect your lips to hers.

Her lips are warm and soft. After testing the waters, you decide to dive in further by sticking your tongue into her mouth. You feel her teeth a little as you poke your tongue in and start swirling it around. She reacts and starts using her tongue as well.

If you didn't know any better, you could say that in that moment, you feel like you were kissing any other woman. After a few more moments, you realize that she is a great kisser. Her breathing and tongue work is getting you even more turned on.

Then, in a surprise, she starts rubbing your chest with her free hand. It feels amazing as she rubs over your nipples with her fingernails and then starts to slide her hand down your chest.

Her hand starts moving down your abdomen and it tickles a little as she makes use of her nails.

Oh god, yes, you think to yourself. Is she?

Her hand goes down to your thigh and then circles around the inner part of it. It tickles in the best way possible and you hope that your wife is still watching and taking notes over there. For a second, you worry that you may ejaculate early.

Is she? You repeat to yourself.

Your step-daughter then slides her hand over to grace your balls with her fingertips, and then wraps all of her fingers around your cock to start jerking you off.

She is!

You let out a moan, still lip locked to her, and she returns a sexy moan back. Your tongue work falters for a second from pleasure, but she takes command and keeps her tongue going while pressing her lips tighter to yours. You can't help but be impressed that she can so easily multi-task between tugging on your hard-on and servicing your mouth with her tongue without skipping a beat on either one. You know for sure that it's not something she learned from her mother.

Then, she breaks away from the kiss and you both open your eyes again. As you look into her eyes, you realize how beautiful they are up close. She returns the gaze unwaveringly. It becomes intense how hard she makes eye contact with you while stroking your cock. She looks from one eye to the other and the tempo of her stroking increases so that she's making a fapping noise with your penis. You take your free hand and start caressing her cheek while admiring all of the details of her face. It's almost as if seeing her in a new light. The fine hairs that make up her eyebrows, the normally unnoticed freckles across her nose and cheeks, the tiny and thin lines that cross her puffy soft bottom lip as she bites on it with her teeth, her smooth, normally pale cheeks that are now a light shade of red, and of course her hypnotic eyes. You feel enamored that this beautiful specimen is trying to milk your dick.

Then it slows to a halt and she says, "Don't worry. I got you, Dad."

She gets up and climbs on top of you so that she's now looking down at you. Her hair shifts to form a kind of halo that frames her face. Her tits hang down and she sits so that you feel her warm crotch on your stomach. Then, she lifts herself slightly again, reaches down with one hand, and puts your dick down flat so that it's touching your stomach. Then she puts her pussy right on top of your shaft with enough weight that you see her lips spread a little.

Where did she learn all this? You wonder. It's something you had only seen in pornos.

Just like you were expecting to happen next, your step-daughter starts sliding her wet, parted vagina back and forth over your dick. She makes sure to go all the way down to your balls, and all the way back up to kiss your tip. She throws her hair back to one side of her head and looks at you with a smile. Her perky tits look amazing.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see something going on with the other team. You glance over and see that your wife has been watching through the cracks in between her fingers. She was trying not to look but couldn't help it apparently.

Now, Rizzo is ready. In a show of force, he scoops your wife up as if taking her as his bride after a wedding, and then throws her down on the bed. She lands on her back with a short yelp.

As the bed shakes, you see your step-daughter scoff, annoyed that she is being thrown off her game for a second.

Then, Rizzo grabs your wife by the thighs and slides her back towards the edge of the bed. He then takes her legs and presses them up towards her head and spreads them open so that her ass is well within reach. Then you see him go down to start eating her out while keeping her legs in that position. By as far as he dropped his head, you deduce that he is starting with her asshole.

"Oh... jesus..." your wife says. You wonder if maybe she is mentally asking for you to take notes this time.

Your attention goes back to your step-daughter, who has now stopped to reposition herself. She grabs your penis again, and lines the tip up with her pussy.

You start to panic, knowing that what's about to happen isn't right.

No, no, no. Honey! Wait! You think to yourself, but also try to telepathically communicate with her.

It's too late though, as she slowly inserts your dick and drops her pussy onto it with all of the weight of her petite body. It is everything you had imagined it would be. It's super tight, wet, and warm. Of course it felt extremely wrong to be in this situation, but the feeling of her tight pussy around your dick made it all worth it.

For a while, your step-daughter slowly slides up and down on your pole while leaning back and supporting herself with her hands on your thighs. Not long after, she adjusts her legs so that her knees are placed together and feet are resting on your chest. You get a clear view of those painted toe nails that caught your attention earlier, and after she notices you looking at them, she starts moving one of her feet towards your neck. Soon, it moves to your mouth and you gladly start sucking on her toes.

She slowly pushes and pulls on your cock with her pussy as she moves her pelvis up and down as if doing a yoga routine.

" this working? Does it feel good?" she asks.

You look down to see a clear view of her vagina and your dick disappearing in and out of it. The skin on your shaft was slightly being tugged on with each stroke because of how tight she was. You smile and nod at her while showing with your face how great it feels. You wish it could go on forever.

You glance over at the competition again. Rizzo has flipped your wife over and is now drilling her from behind over the bed like from earlier in the day. You notice that something is different this time. You catch your wife winking at you as she starts moving from side to side, or purposefully tries to get Rizzo off rhythm by over extending and letting his cock slide out. You could tell from his face that he is getting annoyed at this.

Now's my chance! You tell yourself.

You grab your step-daughter by the waist and start taking over. You start bouncing her entire body on your pelvis. Her ass smacks against your thighs with each bounce.

"Woah!" she says in surprise at the sudden turn of direction.

After a dozen thrusts or so, she loses balance and has to pull her legs back down to your sides. Then she leans forward and down to hold on to your chest with her hands instead. Her face is inches from yours now, and her hair is whipping against your face occasionally. As you have a few moments of intense staring and breathing with each other, she meets your lips to start kissing you again. She moves her arms and lays down flat on you, pressing her tits against your chest. As you both start playing with your tongues, you try keeping her body still while thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Then, she stops kissing you and moves her head to the side of yours to start nibbling on your earlobe. With each thrust, you hear her quietly moan and breath in your ear. You aren't sure if she's exaggerating the pleasure, but you don't care at this point. It's sexy as hell.

She then whispers into your ear, "I've got a better idea."

You slow your pace and wait to hear it.

"The guy said that for us to win the challenge, you just have to finish inside me," she says, "but he didn't say where."

You slide your dick as far as it can go inside of her and hold it there. You aren't sure exactly what she means and you don't want this to end, so you wait to hear more.

She breathes sexily into your ear one more time and then asks you, "Has Mom ever... You know... Let you come in her mouth?"

Oh sweet Jesus, you think to yourself. It's not hard for you to think of the answer. As much as you love your wife and have always been attracted to her, there are a few things that she never could, or wants to do in bed. She used to give you more blowjobs earlier on in marriage, and when she did, she would often try and go all the way, but would stop early every time. It is the precum taste that grossed her out.

Your step-daughter pulls her head back up so she can see you. Then you glance over to your wife as if she had heard what your step-daughter just asked and you were afraid you'd get in trouble for answering. After seeing that your wife is preoccupied, you shake your head to answer no and push some of her hair back over her ear because you suddenly felt a new appreciation for her you had never felt before.

"Well, there's a first time for everything," she says while raising one eyebrow and grinning at you.

You slap your forehead in disbelief of what is happening. She slides herself off of your dick and then starts to move her body downwards in a tease. She begins kissing your body in different areas along the way, and finishes down towards your thighs. She grabs your cock with one hand and looks back up at you.

She starts teasing you by biting her lips and acting as if she's going to put the tip of your dick in her mouth before pulling her mouth away.

She talks dirty, hoping to get you closer to orgasm, "Daddy. Are you ready to see what it feels like?"

Holy shit! You think to yourself in disbelief that this is really happening. You wonder how much of her performance is being fueled by the desire to win the money. You decide it's more helpful not to think about it.

You bite your lip and throw your head back because the anticipation is killing you.

Finally, you get some relief as she slowly envelopes your dick with her warm and wet mouth while maintaining eye contact with you. With your dick in her mouth, you can't help but soak in all of the beauty of her eyes again.

You think to yourself, there's nothing that brings out a woman's eyes quite like when she has your dick in her mouth.

Also, you realize that since coming back home from college, her eyes had gained a twinkle in them, and that she was also projecting a new sense of confidence. You think you now know why she has changed. In her new life as an adult, you gather that she must have learned how to flirt to get laid. You knew it had to be true, because she was giving you bed eyes now. You believe her 100 percent when she says you were going to come in her mouth, and knowing that made the ride all the better.

Your step-daughter starts milking your dick by moving her hand up and down on your shaft while sucking on the tip. After some time, you feel her start cradling your balls with her other hand. It's amazing how well she can keep it up with without slowing.

While still making eye contact with you, she tries to tell you something but of course the sound is muffled because she keeps your dick in her mouth.

"MMphhhmmmnnn?" she asks.

You don't respond because you aren't sure what she is saying. She keeps repeating herself, getting a little bit clearer each time.

"You mphhfffinnn? MMnn like this mummfin? You muff this Daddy?"

Seeing her try to talk dirty with your cock in her mouth makes it even hotter.

She wants you to hear her this time, so she takes her mouth off your penis while still tugging on it to say in a cutesy voice, "You are doing so good, but I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste it so bad..."

What the fuck?! You think to yourself, I never imagined words like that could come out of her mouth!

"I won't stop until you come. It will feel so good, Dad," she says before putting her mouth back on the tip.