Then, she grabs your thighs with both hands and squeezes while pushing the dick further into her mouth. She goes as far as she can without deep-throating it, and then while sucking, begins bobbing her head up and down. You let out a moan and grab her shoulders. You had never been this close to orgasm during a blowjob before.

You are filled with mixed emotions as you watch your step-daughter's cheeks get pushed out from your cock. On one hand, it feels so good and you want to come so bad, but on the other, you know that it's your step-daughter that is about to swallow your load. You wonder if you could ever be able to live with yourself after something like that, or be able to look at her the same again. Finally, you decide that she is working so hard to make you come, that you don't want to let her down. You were going to try and get over feeling guilty and try and let it go. You start flexing your kegel muscles and try your hardest to climax. You close your eyes and focus on the feeling of your head being massaged by her tongue over and over again. Then your attention is destroyed.

"Hon-honey!?" you hear your wife say in a worried tone.

Rizzo has gotten your wife to stand up with his dick still inside of her from behind. He had her arms pinned behind her back by wrapping his arms around them. It forced her upper body to be hunched forward slightly and her butt to be jutted out more towards Rizzo's pelvis. It almost looks like her arms are the reins that Rizzo is using to drive her. As they turn for RIzzo to start walking her around the bed while thrusting in and out aggressively, you see your wife's ass bounce like never before. She is taking a hell of a pounding. You can see the aftershock of each thrust as it travels to the rest of her body.

She tries to say to you, with only being able to get in a word during every other thrust, "I...don'"

From then on out, you hear her making groaning noises that get accentuated everytime her ass gets railed as they slowly make their way around the bedroom. A part of you gets angry at seeing your wife being treated that way, but at the same time it sort of turns you on to see her being manhandled like that. For a split-second, you hope that it's something she'd let you do after all this is over.

"Don't pay attention to them," you hear your step-daughter say. She had stopped sucking because she noticed you had lost focus.

You silently mouth the words, "I'm sorry."

She goes back to placing her mouth on your dick, but then you hold up your finger and place your other hand on her cheek. You then slide to sit up, and then go to your knees. Your step-daughter gets the idea and gets up to her knees also.

"What? What do you want to do?" she asks.

You guide her towards you and gesture that you'd like her to turn around. She nods and turns to get on her hands and knees, so that her ass faces you.

She turns her head back to look at you and says, "Do whatever you'd like Daddy. Whatever you need to do."

Oh man... you think to yourself, this is so wrong...

You take a quick moment to take in the view because you know it will probably be the last time. The entire length of skin for her backside looks smooth and youthful, and glistens a little from the sweat that is starting to form. Her butt may be smaller and tight, but it's still bubbled and curved enough to work with, and below it, you could see the puffy lips of her snatch, calling your name.

You try to block out the view and sound of your wife, rounding the corner of the bed while getting pounded. You accidentally notice Rizzo's face, deep in concentration. It makes you feel like you've still got a chance.

You scoot closer and start lining up your dick with her pussy by hand. As you start to push, you scoot her back a little closer. Then you insert your dick as deep as it can go, the pleasurable feeling of her tight pussy makes you moan. It feels so wrong, but it feels so good at the same time. It creates a sensation that you had never felt before.