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Then, she grabs your thighs with both hands and squeezes while pushing the dick further into her mouth. She goes as far as she can without deep-throating it, and then while sucking, begins bobbing her head up and down. You let out a moan and grab her shoulders. You had never been this close to orgasm during a blowjob before.

You are filled with mixed emotions as you watch your step-daughter's cheeks get pushed out from your cock. On one hand, it feels so good and you want to come so bad, but on the other, you know that it's your step-daughter that is about to swallow your load. You wonder if you could ever be able to live with yourself after something like that, or be able to look at her the same again. Finally, you decide that she is working so hard to make you come, that you don't want to let her down. You were going to try and get over feeling guilty and try and let it go. You start flexing your kegel muscles and try your hardest to climax. You close your eyes and focus on the feeling of your head being massaged by her tongue over and over again. Then your attention is destroyed.

"Hon-honey!?" you hear your wife say in a worried tone.

Rizzo has gotten your wife to stand up with his dick still inside of her from behind. He had her arms pinned behind her back by wrapping his arms around them. It forced her upper body to be hunched forward slightly and her butt to be jutted out more towards Rizzo's pelvis. It almost looks like her arms are the reins that Rizzo is using to drive her. As they turn for RIzzo to start walking her around the bed while thrusting in and out aggressively, you see your wife's ass bounce like never before. She is taking a hell of a pounding. You can see the aftershock of each thrust as it travels to the rest of her body.

She tries to say to you, with only being able to get in a word during every other thrust, "I...don'"

From then on out, you hear her making groaning noises that get accentuated everytime her ass gets railed as they slowly make their way around the bedroom. A part of you gets angry at seeing your wife being treated that way, but at the same time it sort of turns you on to see her being manhandled like that. For a split-second, you hope that it's something she'd let you do after all this is over.

"Don't pay attention to them," you hear your step-daughter say. She had stopped sucking because she noticed you had lost focus.

You silently mouth the words, "I'm sorry."

She goes back to placing her mouth on your dick, but then you hold up your finger and place your other hand on her cheek. You then slide to sit up, and then go to your knees. Your step-daughter gets the idea and gets up to her knees also.

"What? What do you want to do?" she asks.

You guide her towards you and gesture that you'd like her to turn around. She nods and turns to get on her hands and knees, so that her ass faces you.

She turns her head back to look at you and says, "Do whatever you'd like Daddy. Whatever you need to do."

Oh man... you think to yourself, this is so wrong...

You take a quick moment to take in the view because you know it will probably be the last time. The entire length of skin for her backside looks smooth and youthful, and glistens a little from the sweat that is starting to form. Her butt may be smaller and tight, but it's still bubbled and curved enough to work with, and below it, you could see the puffy lips of her snatch, calling your name.

You try to block out the view and sound of your wife, rounding the corner of the bed while getting pounded. You accidentally notice Rizzo's face, deep in concentration. It makes you feel like you've still got a chance.

You scoot closer and start lining up your dick with her pussy by hand. As you start to push, you scoot her back a little closer. Then you insert your dick as deep as it can go, the pleasurable feeling of her tight pussy makes you moan. It feels so wrong, but it feels so good at the same time. It creates a sensation that you had never felt before.

As you marvel at the beauty of her small, hourglass frame from behind, you are reminded of how your wife used to look when you started dating. You grab on to the top of her hips in the small of the hourglass figure, and start pushing. You start off pretty slow, but soon, are making her rounded cheeks clap against your hip.

You start getting more aggressive. You start pounding her ass so hard that she starts being pushed away from you. She turns back to look at you and you are sure you hear her make an "Ugh!," sound and wince in pain.

You know you are getting carried away, but it just feels so good that you can't help it. You know this will be your one and only chance to do this. Still, you start to feel bad, so you ease up on pushing. To your surprise, she whips her head back quickly between bounces and says, "No, Dad! Don't stop. Do whatever you want. I'll forgive you, I swear."

Whatever I want? You repeat to yourself. You start imagining some of the things that you've always desired to do. Things that you have only ever seen in porn movies and knew your wife would never go for. You decide that now may be the only time you could get away with it.

For a quick moment, you think to yourself, This must be what it's like to be famous or rich.

While beginning to pound her ass roughly again, you reach down and around to one of her boobs with one hand. Her tit is the perfect size for your hand as you start squeezing. With the other hand, you reach forward and put it around to the front side of her face. You let your middle finger slide into her mouth, and she closes her mouth around it and starts sucking it while you're fucking her from behind. After a few seconds, you put a few more fingers into her mouth and start pulling slightly. She follows your fingers with her head as you hook her cheek from the inside and pull backwards. Her head is soon turned more than 90 degrees to the side and she looks back at you with eyes that are practically screaming for you to cum already. As you continue to pull on her cheek just hard enough to keep her head from turning back, you get a great view at her beautiful white teeth and gums. It almost feels like you are forcing her to smile by spreading her mouth open. You know in that moment that you will never be able look at another smiling picture of her in the same way again.

Everytime that you feel yourself getting closer to coming, the same thought in the back of your head slightly pushes back. It's the thought of how wrong all of this is, despite it feeling so good. In a way, it's making you edge. The intense pleasure would get you seconds away from coming, but then your morality would creep in and hold you back.

"Daddy?" you heard your step-daughter say weakly with her mouth still being pulled open.

That's not helping! You think to yourself and wish you could tell her.

You let go of her mouth, and as soon as she turns her head back around, you pull on her hair instead. You are hoping that this will help keep her from talking, but you guess that she takes it as a hint in the opposite direction, because she gets worse.

"Daddy? Daddy.... I..." she manages to get out while her body is being rattled back and forth.

You start pounding her butt cheeks so hard that she's forced to lean down a little to keep steady. You are pretty sure that she may have bruises after all this is over.

For a while, all that could be heard is the slapping asses of your wife and step-daughter. It almost sounded like a duel of the cheek clappers, with nothing but the double noises of "fwap fwap fwap fwap," filling the room.

You hear your wife moan loudly out of nowhere, and it gets your attention again.

You see that Rizzo has been holding her arms back with one arm now, and that he has his other hand wrapped around her throat but doesn't appear to be squeezing too hard. Judging by her mouth wide open and eyes rolling back, you think that she may be in the middle of another intense orgasm. Her legs start shaking and her knees knock together. Rizzo has to struggle to hold her up, which throws him off his game temporarily. Again, you are filled with different emotions while seeing your wife brought to orgasm from another, more talented man. You swear you even see a little liquid squirt from her crotch and start running down her leg.

Oh my god. She's never... You begin to think to stop yourself but cut yourself off to try and keep your head in the game.

You're reminded that grabbing your wife by the throat is another thing you had always wanted to try but was too scared. Since your step-daughter had essentially offered herself up to be your sex toy, you realized that now is the time.

You begin to pull on her hair hard enough that she's forced to extend her arms up and to take her hands off the bed. She braces herself by putting her hands back on your thighs again. Her back is now curved while being forced back as far as it can go. Her face is now directly underneath you and looking back up at you upside down. Again, her eyes are calling you. You reach with your other hand and wrap it around her throat. As you squeeze, she opens her mouth and starts breathing heavy with each stroke of your dick. As you slap against her ass, you create a shockwave that travels up her body, starting at her ass cheeks and recoiling through-out her spine.

"Da-da-daddy..." she squeaks out but just barely loud enough for you to hear her.

God damn it! This is so hot! Why can't I come?! You scream in your head.

"Daddy," she speaks again while staring at you, "This...Is...What...I....Like."

That's the moment that you realize that your daughter is a freak.

She's able to squeak out another sentence while trying to sound babyish still, and also while her face is starting to go from flush to more red, "I'm going to come... Daddy... You're going to make me come..."

Those words triggered a chain reaction of events that you'll never forget to this day.

You reach your open mouth down to meet her soft lips and stick your tongue into her hot mouth. Ignoring your tongue, she begins moaning in pleasure. The moans start soft and get louder. That's it... you can feel that you are going to come soon too. It's too much for you to take. You are going to release your pent up load of cum into her pussy, even if that pussy does belong to your step-daughter.

Suddenly, she breaks free from both of your hands and returns to the bent over doggy position, then she starts pushing hard against your body with her ass and with all of her force. You have no choice but to hobble backwards on your knees to keep from falling backward.

What the hell is she doing? You wonder.

Out of the corner of your eye, you see that it gets everyone else's attention too.

Within seconds, your back is being pressed up against the headboard of the bed. You hold on to the top of it with your hands to help keep you up while remaining on your knees. With nowhere else to go and with her ass pressed so hard against you that it's being pancaked, she stops pushing and turns back to look at you again. Her face suddenly looks different to you. She has a face of determination and is biting her bottom lip hard.

Then, to your surprise, she starts bouncing her ass up against you in ways you've never experienced before. It looks almost exactly like when she was twerking in front of Rizzo earlier. That's when it occurred to you, that all of those things you watched happen with your step-daughter during the game, that you wanted to be a part of, you were getting to experience and then some. For some men, this could have been like a fantasy, but for you, it's become one of the wildest and best experiences of your life.

You can't move, and wouldn't if you could. She's making her pussy do things to your dick that you never know were possible. As she keeps slamming her ass up against you, you have a perfect view of what she's doing. While her eyes look consumed with pleasure, she is using her desire to reach climax as fuel, and is using your dick like it is the tool to help her to do it. You look straight down and see the action that is bringing you to the brink of orgasm. Her ass is slamming down as far as it can go, tapping your balls each time. As she pulls away, you see her pussy gripping your dick tight and tugging on it. You have been edged for so long that a white substance is now thinly covering both of your genitals. Then, she bends up her legs while still on her knees, and places the top of her feet flat up against your stomach so that her toes are pointing up at you. She begins using her feet as a pad for her butt with each time she drops her pussy down against you.

She's already been fucking you just as hard and fast as you were fucking her minutes ago, but to your disbelief she starts to go even faster.

Oh no... I can't take it anymore! You shout in your head as the back of your head begins to tingle and a shiver rolls down your spine.

You are about to come. Whether you wanted to or not is no longer a choice. She isn't going to give you the option.

Almost in unison, you both start moaning and you see her eyes glaze over. She rolls them back into her head while gasping for air with her mouth open. Then she drops one side of her head to the sheet and you can still see her face. At first, it almost looks like she's experiencing a seizure. She grabs a handful of the sheets with both hands, and presses her pussy all the way down as far as it can go on your dick and keeps pressing. Her pussy begins squeezing so hard that it feels like it could cut off the circulation to your dick.

You feel a tingle start to form between your balls.

Oh my god...

You look down at her feet that were now pinned against your stomach and her ass. Her toes begin to curl to show off those cute toes that have been grabbing your attention all day.

The tingle creeps to your legs and spine.

Oh shit...

Then, you watch as your step-daughter's body shakes uncontrollably while she's mid-orgasm on your dick.

You feel the knot of pleasure forming inside your balls.

Oh fuck...

You feel her pussy shake as it remains latched to your dick. It's waiting for your cum, and finally, you can't leave it waiting any longer.

You aren't sure if it's the edging, or just the excitement of having taboo sex, but you experience the strongest orgasm you've ever had. As her body is still shaking, she nearly starts slipping off your dick as her body begins to go limp. You thrust forward, which pushes her face back into the mattress. While pushing just enough to get your dick back in as deep as possible, you begin releasing your cum into her vagina.

With your arms still to either side of the headboard to remain propped up, you close your eyes and are overcome with ecstasy. Each squirt of sperm makes your body feel that much weaker, and before long you have to let go of the headboard and find yourself collapsing over your step-daughter while still inside of her.

In that last moment of ecstacy, you can't help but release the pent up energy in your mind too, so you shout out, "OH FUCK!"

After the orgasm begins to subside. You regain your composure and look around the room, which had suddenly grown very quiet. You look at the host, who has his mouth wide open, and aren't surprised to see the camera being pointed in your direction. You look at Rizzo, who has a look of confusion written on his face. He pulls his cock out of your wife, who just seconds ago, had still been getting rammed from behind while bent over the end of the bed. She goes down to the ground to her knees, and is staring at you angrily. Then, you notice your step-daughter, who is also shooting daggers with her eyes while looking back towards you.

"Dad?! Why did you do that?" she demanded an answer. All of a sudden, all of the sexiness is gone. As she pulls herself off your dick, you can't help but look down to see some of your cum dribbling out of her pussy. You know it had to be a big load by the way it felt coming out.

Feeling ashamed, you let sit down on bed to cover your crotch with a pillow.

Do what? You think to yourself, Finish? I thought that's what everyone wanted me to do to win the money....

"I don't think he knows..." your wife mentions while shaking her head.

You hold up your hands and express confusion with your face.

"Dad," your step-daughter says while sitting up but with her legs to one side. She bent one of her legs to cover up the view of her vagina with her thigh.

She explains, "You just yelled, 'Oh, fuck!' really loud."

Uh oh...

She sees your reaction and says, "Yeah. Right when you finished. I can't believe you did that."

There is a lot of awkward silence before you decide to try and apologize.

"I-I-" you begin to stammer.

"I can't believe you did that!" the host screams in laughter.

Immediately, the cameraman even drops the camera down to bend over in laughter. Rizzo covers his mouth with a fist to try and contain his.

Meanwhile, the three of you don't think it's funny at all. In fact, you feel like complete shit for ruining a good moment.

"But the more important thing is," the host says while pointing at you through laughter, "I can't believe you came in your own daughter!" Then he says, "Here ya go," and throws the box of plan B pills at you. Without having to pick up the box, you can tell that it's just a knock off brand of aspirin.

"I can't believe that you let us come in here," the host says while still pointing and chuckling at you, "and let this stranger fuck the ever-living shit out of your wife, and your daughter!"

Your blood starts to boil, and the three of you exchange wide-eyed looks at each other.

"What about the money?!" your wife shouts.

He gestures for Rizzo and the cameraman to start exiting the room, then says while wiping his tears away, "You guys need to learn how to read the fine print. When you signed the contract, you agreed to perform sexual acts on our camera for imaginary money."

Your wife begins to speak again but he cuts her off while in the doorway, "And, the contract even stated that you would consent to everything and anything we would do. It is in big bold letters! There's nothing you can do about it."

He shook his head and says one