TheGameshow "How far can we Go"

You came home from work. You felt relieved that the work day had gone as well as it did. After all, those kinds of days are few and far between. With the state of the world and all of its negativity and pressures bearing down on you, it felt nice to be happy after a day at work for a change. There you were, a white, middle-aged man with a family. You fit the pressured stereotype of the "grade-A American family man". As even more proof, your wife, who you have been married to for over a decade, is one of your high school crushes. You guys hooked up after a friend of a friend connected the dots.

You think to yourself, Yeah, she has a kid, but the kid is just a baby. It may be considered baggage by most people, but it's not like I'm perfect and don't have my own baggage. Besides, the kid is young. If everything works out, we can be a happy family.

Back to the present, and you're sliding the key into the keyhole of your front door after that not-so-hard day of work. You imagined that your wifey is probably doing what she usually does around the time you come home. The young ones that you had together are spending the night with the grandparents, but as for the now grown up step-daughter, it's summer, and she has decided to take a break from college to come home. You could tell she needed the break, because for one, she told you how stressful her first year had been, and two, she mentioned how homesick she had been.

The door is already unlocked. It's not unusual, but when it happens, it still gets the gears turning until you open the door to reveal why. This time, the answer is very peculiar and took you by surprise.

In your living room, you saw your wife sitting on the couch, and towards the kitchen, your step-daughter stood with a cup in hand. They both look in your direction immediately, with grins that gave the impression that they were caught in some guilty act. Centered in the living room, stood a glamoured up white man in a tuxedo.

Your step-daughter is barefoot, wearing her favorite casual attire, which consisted of her favorite pair of shorts and a regular t-shirt, while your wife is wearing some knock off yoga pants and a low cut tee.

At first, you think he is from a news agency. This is because of his dolled up look, a device that is hooked to his belt, and the small microphone that is clipped to his collar. However, the biggest indication is the cameraman that is standing behind him. It is just like how they look in clips, where typically, you see the cameramen hovering and shifting to aim the lens around. It's almost as if they're head is replaced by the massive camera.

"What's going on?" you say.

Your wife begins to speak, but she's cut short by the stranger. His voice is exactly how you expected; fake.

"Surprise!" he says while throwing up his hands into the air, "Hey there! We've been waiting for you for quite some time now!"

You close the door and are not amused. You don't like seeing a stranger or two in your house, and especially without any context.

The cameraman shifts around to point the camera directly at you. When you look at the camera lens, it feels a bit like looking down the barrel of a gun.

The man speaks while gesturing towards your family, "We've already caught them up to speed and you were the only missing link!"

The man then gestures towards an empty spot on the couch and says, "Come on. Sit down and let me drop the deets!"

Not caring to hide your frustration, you reply, "Nah, I'm good. Just tell me what's going on."

The man returns his hand and answers, "Very well. No problem here