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  • by DMan6500 (4 other reviews)

    I can't remember being with such a sensual and beautiful woman! It has far too long since I have last seen her.

    I'm ready when you ready to indulge:) 

  • 5by Paddles (0 other reviews)

    I have seen Delila several times in the past year and it just keeps getting better. I live in Alaska which keeps me from seeing her more often. 
    Seeing Delila’s add she looked so mysterious and a bit intimidating. Well, that all changed when I met her. She is so friendly and better looking than her pictures. Her Incall location is very clean and comfortable. 
    At our first meeting, I think I came 3 times in our hour together, she was amazing. We started with warm embraces and lots of fondling to get the blood flowing. 
    We started with bj which was amazing and then went to doggie for my first load to explode. After a short recovery I asked if I could eat her out, she flipped over to her back and spread her legs giving me a great view of her beautiful pussy. I love daty and she is so clean and tasty. She was moaning with desire and grabbed my head pushing it into her juicy pussy, she wrapped her legs around my head and shuttered with a great O, I love having a woman cum when my face is between her legs. At this point, I was so hard I needed to be inside her again. She put a glove on me and I entered her miss position stroking her slowly at first feeling her pussy clamping around my cock. I picked up the pace and the intensity of the union, her pussy felt so good. I blew my load in the glove and we collapsed in each other’s arms. We rested and she cleaned me up and brought me a bottle of water. She started to give me a handjob and then started sucking me again. Omg this woman is insatiable. She had me cum for the third time. 
    This was the start of a continual relationship which I cherish.

    When you have a hygiene clean playdate it ON . I will devour you till the last drop..You my Luv made it insatiable and full of memories and more..This is why I love my adventures.....XXOO 

  • 5by hynezkevin70 (0 other reviews)

    Delila is a breath of fresh air. Horney milf with a wild side,she can ride like a cowgirl sucking dick is this little ladies specialty a true hover, I had her in all my favorite positions. no complaints and happy to accommodate,. her contact with her eyes is sexy as hell a wonderful experience. A wonderful experience I shall repeat. 

    Thank you, Hon, always a pleasure to have true gentlemen play dates ?????? 

  • 5by Xxxphac (1 other reviews)

    I met this beautiful woman a couple of weeks ago. I must say she is an exceptional human being and one insatiable sexy woman. It is a rarity to meet someone who is true to oneself. If you looking for true intimacy, when two adults actually enjoy being with each other, look no further she is your lady! She fully will fulfill your desires as she filled mine. She is very intuitive to what turns you on, you don’t need to say a word she listens to your body. She is a true professional but does not treat you as a client. It is truly a mistake if you pass the opportunity to spend time with this incredible beautiful insatiable intelligent woman!!!!!

    Your body spoke in tongues, how could I resist???Till we play again?xoxo 

  • 5by Cessna_Driver (1 other review)

    I'd been out of the hobby for several years (all of my experiences were in Oklahoma and Texas). Delila was kind enough to make an exception for me, and after some careful but relatively unobtrusive screening she agreed to see me.

    I arrived at her incall in the west valley at the appointed time and was met by a strikingly beautiful lady. We quickly got comfortable on her couch and talked for about 15 minutes and compared hobby stories. Soon thereafter, she suggested we go play. Who was I to say no? 

    She has a petite, tight body that belies her stated age. I went down on her...she went down on me. She mounted me and rode for a while, and then returned to a BBBJ. We tried a few other positions, and then she got me off with a combination HJ/BBBJ.

    She's a treat, and I will repeat.

    My Pleasure Handsome ?? 

  • 5by Jhon37 (0 other reviews)

    I saw a posting for Delila and checked out her reviews, which all of them were outstanding. I gave her a call and easily made arrangements to meet with her the next day. I went to her upscale home in Avondale. When she opened the door I was taken back by how beautiful this woman is, she was wearing a sexy jumper suit that showed off all of her curves perfectly. She gave me a big hug and LFK and she leads me to her bedroom. We sat on the bed for a few minutes getting to know one another and then the fun started 
    She gently stroked my boy with her hand while we DFK. It was time for the clothing to go and soon clothes were going everywhere. I took a minute to admire her sexy body. I lied back down onto the bed and she gave me a great bbbj , when I thought I could take no more was when she taught me that I could. Now it was my turn and she rolled onto her back. I kissed her lips and neck and worked my way down to her perfect breasts and nipples. I gently caressed and gave each breast and nipple its loving attention they deserved. I worked my way down to her sweet trimmed treasure and licked and sucked on her boat until she came. She then put on the condom and was riding my Boy to my delight. We switched to my favorite position, missionary and I could not hold back anymore. She is so skilled and her treasure is like heaven. Epic would be the only word to explain the time I shared with Delila. She is one special lady. I will definitely be seeing her again.

    The pleasure was all mines??? 

  • 5by tomdoes (0 other reviews)

    She has a great body and super natural breasts. She helped me out of my clothes and I helped her out of her clothes down to her stocks lace panties and heels. I laid down on the bed and she followed right on top of me. We kissed for a while and she grinded down on me. She worked her way down and started some BBBJ and then turned around for some serious 69 action. We went at for a while until I could not take it anymore and we went into some RCG and then CG. I rolled her over for some major mish and she had an O. I turned her over and finished her doggy. She was awesome and we laid together for a few and she asked to shower no problem and dressed to leave. I will be seeing her again.

    Honey, you are a Blast, literally. See you again soon..... 

  • 5by spoon66 (0 other reviews)

    Delila was a WOW experience. Mature Milf, classy and her skills are wicked. I had contact D for the 3rd time left message very quick reply the 3rd time around, Made a playdate and then brunch interesting how she makes heads turn from both genders. The plus to Delila is she is all-natural and very accommodating.. Reminds me of The Burlesque Ladies. Thank you Delila for a wonderful exciting time.

    Glad you kept trying, XOOX 

  • 5by ronaldcappizi (0 other reviews)

    Delila is a very accommodating lady. Was intimidated on pursuing her, but I gathered my balls and did so. No regrets she can hold a conversation and knows some of everything. Awesome kisser which i do enjoy. nice smooth skin plus sexy green eyes. I was smitten. Will repeat for sure,

    ?Looking forward to our next Play date.. 

  • 5by chatladalap (0 other reviews)

    Typical two call system, did i say long drive, let me also state the long drive was worth every mile and then some... I'd walk across arizona barefooted for this lady. Thumbs up. 
    She makes a fantastic deep throat first impression. Followed by a super bareback BBBJ. After going through all of the positions known to mankind we finished off with dildo in my ass crip balls CIM Bj. 
    This lady does not quit until the very last drop. I would only recommend her for athletic in shape men. Will repeat when nuts get filled

    So far they have been filled twice and look for????reward to empty them again (SOON).LOL 

  • 4by mercedrobby (0 other reviews)

    A pleasant intense playtime. Kept me at ease until it was my time. This woman took me to another level of control. The only thing I will say, is I will do it again and again. A little pricey but worth it.

    And we have Hon . Let's keep the fun times rolling. 

  • 5by billt1441 (0 other reviews)

    Delila met me at my Hotel. When I opened the door, her presence literally knocked my socks off. She entered the room and embraced me with some LFK and a very affectionate hug. She lowered her hand down to my crouch and cupped my rock hard member in order to let me know that the fun was about to begin. I helped her with her goodie bag and then proceeded to help her out of her tight see thru mini skirt dress. She returned the favor and began to dispense with my shirt and pants. We fell back onto the bed and she began the most wonderful BBBJ to get the party started. After about 10 minutes, my hunger for her sweet spot was too much and I had to dive in. The delicacy was so tasty and drove me wild with desire for more. She spun around and before I knew it we were 69, life was so fine. After about 30 minutes of pure indulgence she slipped the love glove on and mounted me RCG, - what a beautiful sight, this girl has got a J-Lo ass to die for. Soon after she turned around for CG and looked at me with those sexy green eyes and melted me even more. Her rhythm and her mojo was bringing me to extasy much too fast. I slowed things up and turn her over for some mish and started slowly yet assertively with my strokes. But alas, I was no match for her muscle control and she played with me until she knew I was at the brink, and at that moment I pulled out, ripped the cover off and painted the canvas all over her tits and tummy. Delila is very attentive to a man's needs and delivers every time. I highly recommend and will continue to see her again and again. Excellent companion.

    Hugs Hon We will play again.??? 

  • 5by fred1232 (0 other reviews)

    Wow! Delila is a enchanting woman, experience to boot and a very pleasant conversationalist. I arrived at Delila's residence. She was dressed to impress. Delila is a MILF with a super body - great legs and nice rump, interesting tats, 
    East Coast accent and I must say it's a turn on to hear. Great French kisser with a wild side. All-natural classy open-minded. Delila lived up to my anticipations and was a dynamite experience. This woman knows her way around a man's body. Enjoy not many like Delila.

    Thank you . Sorry you have to move. I'll miss you.....????

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